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The FX in Motion Intro Platform is built to take your team’s introductions to the next level.


Built from steel we added backlit graphics, strobe lights, and topped it all off with cryo jets! Fully wireless and controlled remotely so you can wheel it out to center court, lock the court-friendly wheels, and have your mascot jump on top!

Add the Intro Platform to your Intro Effects lineup with the FX Cart and FX Tower.

Phila 76ers Intro Platform.jpg

The FX in Motion Intro Platform has taken a giant leap!

The Video Intro Platform is now available! 

Wrap your platform in 360 video to bring a true centerpiece to your intros.

Still has Cryo Jets, Strobes, and wireless options available!

LED Intro 1.jpg
Cryo Towers and Platform

Cryo Towers and Platform

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