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The FX Cart from FX in Motion was designed to be the most versatile intro effect on the planet!


Every FX Cart comes with backlit graphics and then it is up to you to customize!

Cryo Jets: This is the most popular addition to the FX Cart! 20-foot-tall plumes of smoke angled up and lit up to create an amazing effect! Quickly dissipating cryo effects are lit up with color changing LEDs that can be programed to your team’s colors!

Smoke Plume: With the press of a button, you can launch a smoke plume into the arena! The quickly dissipating plume of smoke is color changing with LEDs that can be programed to match your team colors!

Cold Sparks: Add some magic to your intros with a fountain of cold sparks. Safer than flames, the touchable cold spark won’t give off smoke or a foul smell!

Field Wheels: FX Carts come with our court-friendly wheels but when you need to take it on the field or pitch we can make that happen!

Wireless: We like to make the FX Cart easy to operate! Lose the wires and operate the FX Cart remotely with the press of a button!

If you need to raise your effects even higher, check out the FX Tower

NKU FX Carts.jpg