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The Fly Guy is your team’s BIGGEST and most loyal fan.


He is at every home game, always sporting the team’s jersey, can be easily seen from anywhere in the arena, and fantastic to display corporate sponsor’s logos.  Imagine a Fly Guy that stands 28’ tall and is constantly moving up and down, waving his arms, and gets your fans excited! The possibilities for the use of a Fly Guy are endless. Use them during player introductions, around for pre and post-game festivities, and in attendance at outdoor/indoor special events.  These are one of the easiest special effects because the Fly Guy is…

  • Mobile and available with our custom cart.

  • Easy to move on and off your playing surface

  • Only requires a standard electrical outlet. 

  • Made of a tear-resistant durable nylon fabric.

  • Easily Stored

Call today to get your biggest fan at your next game!

Fly Guy Fever.JPG
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