Confetti and Streamers create a festive and colorful feel to any occasion. There are many colors, styles and options available to you. Together we'll determine what special effect you desire including the hang-time, appearance in the air and appearance on the floor. All of our confetti products have an aerodynamic shape that defies gravity while the product flies and floats. We'll determine if the rafter mounted CO2 Launching Systems or the floor mounted system is right for you. Confetti and Streamer proudcts are easy to use and are easy to clean up! Mylar products are Flame Retardent, Color Fast, and DO NOT conduct electricity. Tissue products are environmetally friendly and biodegradeable. Call today and discuss your celebration needs! 

We Offer a Variety of Different Types of Confetti 

    • Confetti Cannons

    • Continous Confetti

    • Hand Held Confetti Systems

    • CO2 Charged Confetti/ Streamer Systems

    • Custom Confetti Cannons