Get your fans involved in the game with the fastest opening, longest floating, and highest quality, Safest, T-Shirt parachute…PERIOD! Our Drop Zone Parachutes are used throughout the country and are perfect for getting the crowd pumped up and deliver your sponsors message at the same time! How do we manage to make them the longest floating and the safest?


Well, our one piece parachute and suspension lines are made of a light weight, durable polyurethane. To make them the longest floating, we spread the round chute with SIX lines! This allows the parachute to open more, which in turn gives the chute more surface space to catch the air resulting in more hang time. Since the lines are made of plastic, if two enthusiastic fans catch the parachute and pull, the lines will simply stretch, making them the safest parachutes on the market. Your sponsors will be ecstatic to use the parachutes to get their message to the crowd!


Don’t hold yourself to just T-Shirts. Get the promo chute to float other promotional ideas like tickets, French fry cups, cardboard cell phones, foam fingers, or any other premium promotional item. Surprise your fans when your announcer says to look for your sponsor up in the sky! Your fans will be excited and your staff will be thrilled to be able to drop the parachutes from the catwalks, and if your arena doesn’t allow that, use the Drop Zone Devices.


promo mini parachutues drop device

The Drop Zone Devices are by far the easiest and most cost effective way to deploy our Promotional Parachutes. No need to send 10-15 game night staff to hand drop the parachutes from the catwalk anymore! Just pre-load the parachutes before the game and deploy them with one simple plug!


The device then deploys 1 parachute every 3.8sec. From the moment the first parachute is dropped to the last parachute landing in a fans hands, lasts about 45 seconds. Perfect for a full one-minute timeout. The devices can easily be mounted on the catwalks of your arena be easily loaded before each game.


Available for purchase or lease, call us today to save valuable entertainment time!