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FX in Motion has perfected the parachute for fan giveaways!


We designed our parachutes to open faster and float longer. After all of that, we made them safer too! No strings or nets are used in our design to prevent injuries if two fans reach for the giveaway at the same time! Teams all over the world rely on FX in Motion to supply their parachute drops every year!

Your sponsors will love the versatility of a parachute drop. Brandable graphics area for their logos*. Attach t-shirts, stuffed animals, stress balls, socks, hats, or any other premium giveaway!

Take your parachute drop to the next level with our Drop Zone Device to deploy hundreds of parachutes with the flip of a switch!

*Graphics are a stickered application and not direct print. 

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Life of a Parachute

Life of a Parachute

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