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Give the biggest HI FIVES EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

These lightweight GIANT Foam Hands are a great addition to your mascot Props Case!  Get the fans to do the wave by following along with these massive hands going up and down!  


Giving away a large prize during halftime, or the mascots birthday?  What better way to present it than in a GIANT PRESENT!

Everyone loves the returning military surprise, add that little extra to the event with an oversize prop.  There is plenty of room to fit one adult inside and on heavy duty, non-marking casters, easy to roll on and off the playing surface.  

Of course, as always, completely customizable.  Want to really make it special?  Add confetti cannons!  AWE YEAH!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!  Wow, thats a big cake.  Must have taken a long time to bak........SURPRISE!!!!  Who would have thought that there was the mascot inside our Giant Cake?!?

Call us today to big your birthday celebrations to the next level!


What better way to serve up your Thunderstix Noisemakers than in a Fry Box?!?

Specifically designed to be light weight and easy to maneuver, these Fry Boxes are that great little added touch that make sponsors love you even more!

Hold up to 16 tube style noisemakers in the main compartment, plus additional in the extra storage space accessible from the back.