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Ball Blaster

Make your fans go insane with the next generation in game ops, the Ball Blaster! Our rapid fire Ball Blaster fires 4 inch plastic balls 90 feet into the air and then lofts them into the crowd. With the simple pull of one lever, you control the amount of balls that are shot out. Shoot 6 at a time, or unleash all 90 in 20 seconds! Move the Ball Blaster from section to section creating a fan mania around the whole arena. It will have everyone in the arena saying, "That thing was awesome!!!"

The Detroit Pistons, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Milwaukee Bucks are just a few teams that have taken their fans to the next level with the Ball Blaster, now it's your turn!

Low cost lease programs now available! HURRY, there's only a limited number of Ball Blasters in this program, so call now to take full advantage of this offer! The next generation in game promotions is here. Order yours today by calling us at 1-262-797-8880